Melissa Kissel

Passionate about lifting women up through customized services and selfcare education.


I am a Certified Makeup Artist and Professional Skin Therapist based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  I started my makeup artist career as a freelance artist for MAC Cosmetics Canada. I loved the diversity of people I met there and the joy I felt when clients left my chair feeling beautiful.  It ignited my desire to bring my brand of beauty to a broader clientele. My brand of beauty is all about magnifying the beauty within and taking women out of the overwhelm that accompanies the limitless choices we have these days.

There's a moment when cosmetics becomes more than just paints and potions - it happens when my client looks in the mirror and sees what I saw all along - that light within.  We are all so used to seeing our own face in the mirror that we forget to really look. Makeup gives that new perspective and can lift our spirits when we take time to enhance, acknowledge, and appreciate the unique beauty we each possess. 

I soon discovered that proper skin care was foundational to feeling good about oneself and integral to any makeup look.  After starting my own business I became obsessed with supporting women as they navigated the effects that life had on their skin, whether environmental, age, or stress related.  This led me to invest in multiple educational avenues and become a Skincare Specialist.  Providing advanced skin care treatments has allowed me to get to see my clients more regularly which has been a joy! Also, the ability to see first-hand the benefits of my services on stress levels, self esteem, and overall wellness has been deeply rewarding for me personally. 

Whether it’s dolling up a lady for a special event, or gathering a group of friends and family for a fun night of learning and experimenting; I want to bring the joy I get out of the transformational tools I have researched to all the clients that I meet. I consider it a privilege to help you get ready on your special day, to be a teacher to those who want to harness the power of cosmetics for themselves, and an honor to help you create lasting memories with your friends and family as you discover all the benefits a customized beauty ritual can offer.